A downloadable game for Windows


This is a simple pong variant where the objective is not to hit the ball with your paddle, but to avoid it.

If the ball hits your paddle, your opponent will score and your paddle will be sped up to improve your ability to avoid the ball in the future.

This is played hotseat with two players.


Player 1:

- Up: W

- Down: S

Player 2:

- Up: Up Arrow

- Down: Down Arrow


- Up: W or Up Arrow

- Down: S or Down Arrow

- Select: Enter or Space

Source Code

Wrong! was coded as a learning project to develop a game in C++ using the Raylib framework. As such, it is open source. The code is commented fairly extensively and I have avoided using some advanced C++ features like templates to keep the code more readable. If you find aspects of the code useful, feel free to use it in your own projects as long as you honor the terms of the GPLv3.0 license outlined in the repository.

GitHub Repository

Consult the Raylib repository documentation for instructions on how to build the source files for your architecture.


* Underlying Framework & Raylib Logo - Raylib

* Fonts - Default Raylib font & Raccoon Serif

* Audio SFX - Made with jsfxr

* Music Loops - Made by me (Noemi Banks/mimimalloc)

AuthorNoemi Banks
Made withraylib
Code licenseGNU General Public License v3.0 (GPL)
Average sessionA few minutes
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 2
LinksSource code

Install instructions

Extract .zip file to any directory, and double-click "wrong.exe".


wrong_1.0.zip 1,012 kB