A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Originally developed for MYST JAM (http://itch.io/jam/myst-jam)

Created using the LOVE2D Framework (https://love2d.org/) and the in-development open source SEPIA (Simple Environmental Puzzle Implementation for Adventures) engine (discontinued for now)

WINCE NAIL is a realm known only to Corporeal Industries. Discovered during experiments in interdimensional outsourcing, it became their dumping ground for undesirable workers who knew too much.

Gaverse was once a beloved cog in the Corporeal Industries family, before he began to slip into a terrible depression. After informally blackmailing HR while inebriated at an office party, Gaverse was offered the vacation of a lifetime.

Little did he know, it was a vacation...to WINCE NAIL.


WINCE NAIL is controlled using the cursor. Click on the edges of the screen to travel, and click on objects to bring up the object menu, where you can look, pick up or use the object, or try to use your current inventory item on the object.

If you hover over the menu on the bottom of the screen, the ENGAGEMENT BAR will slide into view. From there, you can observe the current room, access your special abilities, and check on your inventory item, among other features. Pressing ESC or clicking the "Settings" button on the ENGAGEMENT BAR will bring up the settings menu, which you can quit from if you so desire.

In "puzzle" segments, interact-able elements will be indicated by altering your cursor. Experiment and try to piece together the patterns! If you need a break, clicking by the bottom of the screen will return you to the room you were standing in.


The source code for this project has now been released with the MIT license! You can check it out here.

Updated 27 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorNoemi Banks
TagsFirst-Person, Mystery, orbs, Point & Click, snot

Install instructions

Both downloads are .zip archives. Unzip them to any directory you like, and hopefully they should work just fine.


Wince Nail (DEMO) (Win 32) 14 MB
Wince Nail (DEMO) (Mac OS) 15 MB